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High Plains Turquoise Cheyenne

Scented Car Freshies

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Not only are these the cutest things we've ever seen they smell ahhhhhhmazing! You're not restricted to using it just in your car either. Put these adorable freshies in your car, closet, office, or anywhere you want to smell fantastic!

  • Turquoise jewel - 4.59"L x 3.71"W
  • Turquoise naja - 4.94"L x 4.07"W
  • Painted buffalo - 5.60"L x 3.94"W
  • Painted bronc rider - 5.77"L x 5.07"W

Scents (listed under colors)

  • Amazing Grace: A girly fragrance with mandarin orange, grapefruit, freesia, jasmine rose, and musk.
  • Black Cherry Leather: A sweet, strong mix of black cherry and leather.
  • Black Ice: A mix of lavender, subtle florals, sandalwood, and a soothing musk.
  • California Cowgirl: Clean and refreshing with a mix of orange citrus and leather. 
  • Cowboy: Manly fragrance, light citrus, eucalyptus, sage, sandalwood, and amber rose.
  • Desert Sunrise: Crisp, clean, refreshing, and bold citrus scent.
  • High Maintenance: Floral smell with a woody hint of vanilla and heavy musk.
  • Leather n Lace:  Sweet, soft mixture of leather and vanilla.
  • Marfa Lights: A dreamy, refreshing, clean, and sweet mix of citrus and vanilla.
  • New Mexico True: Very fresh, light, clean, and refreshing like a cactus in bloom.
  • Red Bandana: A perfectly sweet mixture of strawberry and leather.
  • Serendipity: A blend of wild cherries and sliced apples with a background of shredded coconut, vanilla bean, and brown sugar.
  • Summer Love: A combination of fresh melons and cucumbers.